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Ros Tapestry Exhibition Centre
New Ross Co. Wexford
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Head to the Ros Tapestry Exhibition Centre in New Ross, Wexford and see their acclaimed embroidered tapestries. This dramatic narrative is a tale told in thread, as a celebration of Ireland’s history unfolds on the material.

Visit the Ros Tapestry Exhibition Centre and admire this unique project that has been ongoing in the South East of Ireland since 1998. More than 150 stitchers worked on 15 giant tapestries for the permanent exhibition in New Ross.

Come see this excellent example of creativity and community spirit on a grand scale that depicts Ireland's Norman History. Ros Tapestry is one of the largest series of embroidered tapestries in Europe. Admire the rich creations which depict different significant events in the history of the town and its locale.

The first tapestry was completed in 2002 and this amazing exhibition is a fantastic legacy for the country. Take a self-guided tour of the Ros Tapestry using handheld audio guides. Learn about the wonderful art and admirable craftsmanship that has gone into the project and see the stitchers' workroom where the iconic tapestries are created.