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Shekina Sculpture Garden
Greenane Co. Wicklow
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Shekina lies in the peaceful Glenmalure Valley in County Wicklow, close to the Avonbeg River and under the shadows of Fananierin Mountain. Here, visitors can enjoy a collection of 15 modern sculptures by Irish artists.

Shekina Sculpture Garden is a one acre garden which includes a stream running through it feeding two ponds. There is also a gazebo, aibau, and other seating areas for visitors to sit back and relax in this peaceful area.

The most unique feature of this garden however is its collection of 15 sculptures by modern Irish Artists such as Michael Casey, Fred Conlon, Cliodna Cussen and James Gannon.

The theme that runs through these is the story of creation and a guided reflection on the sculptures is on offer. They also offer ‘Time Out Days’ which provide an opportunity to be still in the beauty of Shekina.

Groups are welcome by appointment and refreshments and toilets are available.