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Activity Operators

Moy Archery



Moy Archery is a Ten Target Leisure Archery Range operating in Slieverue Breaffy Ballina. Catering for children from age seven to adults it is a sport that is enjoyable to all the family whatever their fitness levels in a safe enviroment.

Bows are Olympic Bows especially designed for targets from 10 to 18 metres. Moy Archery have the appropriate bow for every age and ability of the individual where the poundage and draw length is taken into consideration. Providing a three fingered archery glove and an arm guard to all percipients. All patrons receive instruction throughout the session and also the safety measure that are in place. Off- road parking is provided. Moy Archery is fast becoming a Tourist Attraction and is a valuable amenity for visitors to the area from all parts of the World.

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