Looped Walks

Looped Walks

Askamore Loop


Parish Church
Republic of Ireland

A-B. From the trailhead cross the road and follow the green (and blue and purple) arrows onto the sandy lane between the church and Doran’s pub. The blue and purple arrows are for longer loops. Continue along the sandy lane for more than 1km to a junction with a forestry road on your left. The loop proper begins here - you will return to this point from the opposite direction later - for now, turn left.

B-C. Continue to follow the green (and blue and purple) arrows along the forestry road for 3km - and enjoy some fine views of the surrounding countryside - before rejoining the sandy lane at what is known locally as the ‘hairpin’. The blue and purple loops veer left here - but you veer right.

C-A. After 300m you pass a crossroads of forestry roads where the blue and purple loops rejoin from your left - another 200m takes you to the junction at B above from where you egan the loop. This time proceed straight ahead and enjoy the 1km back to the trailhead.

The Community Development Association continues to partake in the Tidy Towns Competition every year since 2003. All of these are testament to the community spirit of the area – probably best described by local poet Mike Byrne in a section from his poem called Askamore.
See also 106b& 106c-Ballybeg & Slieveboy loops
There is a community spirit here, the likes you will never find
And you will see the men and women working, they will always be on your mind.
You will see the hanging baskets, beside the graveyard wall.
You will see the lovely rockeries, as you walk into the hall.
You see the flag stone buildings, as in the days of yore.
And you will surely get a welcome, in the village of Askamore.
Oh Askamore I love you, I know I always will.
I will ask my God to make a heaven, at the foot of Sliabh Bhuí hill.

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