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The River side Walk which saunters for a short distance along the River Blackwater. Millennium Park is another highlight, including amongst its features a sculpture of St. Carthage carved from ancient beech by chainsaw sculptor, Nancy Hemming.

Lady Louisa's Walk:
Lady Louisa’s walk is primarily a woodland walk along the riverbank. One can expect to find woodland plants such as beech, ash, ferns, spindle tree, holly and ivy as well as wood sorrel, golden saxifrage and wild garlic to name but a few.
Distance: 2km | Duration: 30 minutes
Parking: Yes: |Grade: Loop, Easy
Terrain: Grass path, boardwalk.

Riverside Walk, Lismore:
A typical riverside environment, home to herons, swans, mallards, water hens, snipe, tern, kingfisher and many more water birds. The River Blackwater is renowned for its salmon fishing and fishing stands and stiles may be noted along the riverbank. A stand of mature pine trees on top of a mound will indicate that you are approaching the famous Round Hill, a great mound or earthwork covering two of three acres in extent. The first monastic settlement in Lismore was founded by St. Carthage at Round Hill adjacent to the river, where he built a ‘Lios’, an Irish term used to describe a fort built of earth. Legend has it that an old woman whom Carthage met, told him that he would be founder of a ‘Lios Mor’ meaning great fort in Irish. The monks built small beehive huts on the banks of the river and the place extended to become a great university city and a place of holiness.

Distance: 5km | Duration: 50 minutes
Parking: Yes: |Grade: Loop, Easy
Terrain: Note Riverside walk in not always open asit is subject to flooding - Walk with care.

The Towers Walk:
Ballysaggartmore Towers are imposing gothic style gate lodges built in 1850 by Arthur Kiely Usher for his wife. A diverse range of tree species to be noted including ash, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, spruce, and fir as well as shrubs of holly, hazel and bramble. The main avenue is planted with a row of tall shaking poplars and rhododendron, interspersed by pheasant berry, snowberry, holly and much more.

Distance: 2km | Duration: 30 minutes
Parking: Yes: |Grade: Loop, Easy
Terrain: Forestry path.







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