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Looped Walks

Tramore Doneraile - Slí na Sláinte Walk


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Republic of Ireland


The Tramore Slí is a 4.9km route, which starts on Church Road and follows the coastline along the Doneraile Walk. On your immediate left you will see Tramore Strand, which stretches for almost 3 miles. In the distance you will notice the sand dunes, which are some of the highest dunes in Ireland. You will also see Tramore Promenade and Amusement Park. The Doneraile Walk is home to many historical features, which reflect the maritime nature of Tramore. An ancient canon gun lies on top of the cliff overlooking the entrance to the bay. On your right a Memorial Stone has been erected to commemorate the military victims of the Sea Horse Tragedy (1816) in Tramore Bay, when 363 people were drowned.

At the end of the Doneraile Walk you will be greeted by a series of steps, which lead onto The Cove. A Haunted Well is located at the foot of the steps, so beware the spirits that are occasionally seen at midnight! Turning left towards Lady Elizabeth’s Cove you will notice the meandering ramps on the right. Proceed up the ramps, which will terminate at the Cliff Road. The Cliff Road runs parallel to the cliff face until it reaches the Guillameen, which formerly used to be a ‘male preserve’ but has since become a mixed bathing area.

From the Guillameen you can see three 18 metre high pillars. The Metal Man (1824), perched on the pillar centre, warns mariners of the dangers of Tramore Bay. On leaving the Guillameen, turn left off the main road and down towards Newtown Glen. In the Glen, underneath the canopy of the trees and alongside the gently flowing stream, you will see some beautiful native flora and fauna. Continue along the woodland path and turn left once you reach the Cliff Road again.

Turn right at next T-junction. Along this road you will encounter some of the many leisure facilities that Tramore boasts, namely Newtown Camping and Caravan Park, Newtown Golf Practice Range and Tramore Golf Club. On passing the golf club you will descend down Newtown Hill and back again onto Church Road where you will see the Anglican Christ Church (1850) on your left. The adjacent graveyard contains a Cenotaph to those who perished in the Sea Horse Tragedy.

Additional FeaturesSHOW

4.9 Kms

Estimated Time

40 min





Start and Finish

Walk starts at Gallwey's Hill, Church Road, Tramore

Minimum Gear

walking shoes rain/wind jacket

Suitable as a daytime route only and can be walked in both directions.

Things To Do Nearby

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