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Voya Seaweed Baths


Beach Front
Republic of Ireland

For pure luxury, pay a visit to Voya Seaweed Baths in Strandhill, County Sligo. Patrons have the luxury of private rooms, each with its own Victorian cast iron bath and steam unit. Imagine relaxing back into a bath full of hot seawater and steamed seaweed. The heat releases all the seaweed's rich, silky, essential oils so the body feels smooth, buoyant and luxurious.

Tiredness, tension, aches and pains slip away. Seaweed baths re-hydrate and moisturise skin, relieve psoriasis, acne and dry skin, aid back and muscular pain, ease rheumatism and arthritis and assist circulation.

The staff at Voya seaweed Baths recommend visitors to begin with a five to ten minute steam to open the pores and relax muscles. Then immerse their body in the warm seaweed bath for thirty minutes while absorbing the minerals and trace elements, followed with an additional steam and an invigorating cold shower. Rooms can be used for up to one hour and are maintained to the highest standards.

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