Offshore Islands

Offshore Islands

Long Island


Long Island
West Cork
Republic of Ireland

Long Island, or in Irish Inishfada, is an island that lies south of the mainland village of Schull, in West Cork. Long island is named such because, funnily enough, being 4.8km long and only 0.8km wide it's pretty long.

Only ten minutes by small boat from the shore, Long Island offers a gentle escape from the buzz and pace of cosmopolitan Schull. Here you'll find some fine walks, shingle beaches, wild flora and fauna and ultimately, the chance to kick back and enjoy some beautiful nature and scenery. Most of the houses built in the early 1900s have now been restored, but some still lie in ruin, adding to the island's wonderful sense of isolation from modern life.

In the 1840s the island had over 300 inhabitants, and the remains of this can be seen by the abandoned cottages and stone remains that are left. The permanent population now is only around 6. Long Island has a surfaced road on part of the island, and another overgrown road takes you to an old copper mine. Farming is currently the only economic activity on Long Island.

The island’s most distinctive landmark is the White Tower Lighthouse at its eastern end, marking the entrance to Schull Harbour.

General DescriptionsKEY
  • Activities : Walking, birdwatching, swimming.
  • Population : 10
  • Size : Approx 4.8 km long & 0.8 km wide.
  • When to visit : Best time is June to October, busiest time is July and August.

White tower lighthouse and landing steps which mark the entrance to Schull Bay.

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