Historic Houses and Castles

Historic Houses and Castles

Oranmore Castle

Oranmore Castle was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Originally a De Burgo (Burke) stronghold, An Cáislean Mór or The Castle of the Well played a pivotal part in the defence of Galway during the Confederate Rebellion in the 1640s: provisions were shipped from the castle to the besieged fort of Galway.

Left abandoned to the elements in 1853, it was bought in 1945 by Lady Leslie for her daughter, the writer Anita Leslie, whose daughter, Leonie continues to reside in the castle with her husband, the noted musician Alec Finn of De Danann. Today, the castle is an enchanting, welcoming paradise of art, music and history.

A wonderfully atmospheric stronghold on the edge of Galway Bay, Oranmore Castle was featured on "Scariest Places on Earth" (US Television and YouTube) and is reputed to be haunted.

It is advised to contact the property directly prior to visiting.

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