Pollardstown Fen


Republic of Ireland

Pollardstown Fen is situated on the northern margin of the Curragh, approximately 3km from Newbridge, County Kildare. The area of the fen is 220 hectares, 60 percent of which is state owned.

A fen is an area of alkaline peatland that obtains its nutrients from calcium rich spring water. Most fens develop further into raised bogs. Raised bogs contain acid peat and their only source of nutrients is rainfall.

Pollardstown Fen is of international importance, as this type of system is now rare in Ireland and Western Europe. In addition, it contains a number of rare vegetation types and invertebrates, along with an uninterrupted pollen record of the changes in the composition of its vegetation going back to the last ice age.

Safety on the fen:
Watch where you are walking and stop walking while watching birds, etc. Children should be strictly supervised and should not be allowed roam freely. Enter the fen only by the main entrance and stick to the walking track. Do not pick plants and do not disturb animals.

Things To Do Nearby

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