Historic Houses and Castles

Historic Houses and Castles

Redwood Castle


North Tipperary
Republic of Ireland

A key visitor attraction in North Tipperary, Redwood Castle is a striking example of a Gaelic tower house. It was home to the Ó Cinnéide (O’Kennedy) lords of Ormond and later on to the Mac Aodhagáin (MacEgan) sept, Ireland’s most famous family of hereditary Brehon lawyers. The Castle, was probably erected as a Norman stronghold about 1210. Between 1350 and 1640 it was occupied by the MacEgans, a famous Brehon family who kept a renowned school of law and letters. It was during this time that the famous "Leabhair Breac" and parts of the Annals of the four Masters were written here.

The Castle is situated on a hillock near the Shannon and has been restored by a member of the Egan Clan. The Castle is situated two miles off the Ballincor crossroads on the Birr/Portumna road. Redwood Castle is the largest surviving tower house in the region and visitors can enjoy being guided around its many interesting chambers, passageways and staircases. Restored by members of the Egan family in the 1970s, the castle stands as a reminder of the sept’s ancient roots and powerful influence.

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