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World War 1 Trench Experience
Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan
Cavan County Museum is now home to the largest outdoor replica trench open to the public in Ireland and the UK.

The Trench is becoming a must-see attraction for visitors since it opened in August 2014 and includes sound and visual effects to enhance the experience and educate visitors on life in the trenches in World War 1.

The trench, built to the specifications and manuals of the Irish Guards and used by the Royal Irish Fusiliers at the Battle of the Somme 1916 is over 350m long and includes frontline, communication and support trenches. Over 6000 sand bags were used in its construction.

Located at the back of Cavan County Museum, the trench forms part of a wider WW1 exhibition at the Museum in Ballyjamesduff which is located just off the M3 Dublin – Cavan Motorway (1 hour and 20 minutes from Dublin).

Cavan County Museum is housed in a beautiful Georgian building and is a perfect stop-off point en route to Cavan. There are a number of galleries in the museum with a variety of exhibitions including a Clough Oughter Castle exhibition, GAA exhibition, Farnham Gallery and Folk Life gallery which is home to a re-creation of an old-style thatched house and kitchen. The museum is also home to two of the most famous pieces of Celtic and Pagan art in Ireland – the Killycluggan Stone and Ralaghan figure while the Boat Room houses a 8metre long Lough Errill log boat which is over 1000 years old.

A children’s playground, peace garden and short ‘Nun’s Walk , crafts shop and coach parking are all available and the museum tea rooms can accommodate up to 40 persons. The museum is also very accessible and can accommodate wheelchair users.

So plan your visit to Cavan County Museum and the World War 1 Trenches today.