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Dublin Pedal Tours
Dublin City Co. Dublin
Pedal powered city tours. 15 seater pedal powered bus in which to see the sights of Dublin, pub/sightseeing tour, team building and musical sightseeing tour in a wacky way.

Dublin Pedibus is a 15 seater pedal powered bus with no engine, just pure human pedal power. There are 3 different types of tours available.

1. Sightseeing/pub tour which brings you around the sights of Dublin stopping for a rest in some of Dublin well known pubs to stretch the legs and take of some refreshments.

2.For those who don’t wish to stop can just cycle from sight to sight around in an unusual and amusing way taking in the sights of Dublin.

3. Musical sightseeing tour which stops at sights which are connected to famous Irish musicians. There is a sound system on board in which you can connect your phone or MP3 player to and play your own music on board while taking in the sights of Dublin. Catering for groups from 8 to 30 people Dublin Pedibus will give you an aternative and interesting way of seeing Dublin.