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The Library Project
Dublin City Co. Dublin
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A unique Arts bookshop in Ireland, a very active gallery space, and a fantastic public resource library dedicated to Photography with unique, contemporary publications from all over the world, for you to enjoy.

The Library Project is an Arts bookshop, a photobook library, and a very active gallery space. Visiting the space, you will be inspired by the great selection of the latest publications from local and international publishing houses, as much as self-published projects. There are many ideal gifts at hand, from unique stationary to the eclectic prints, both framed and mounted. While you shop, why not enjoy the current exhibition? Finally, if you head upstairs, you will discover the collection that gives name to the space, with over 1000 photobooks, magazines and fanzines from over 200 publishers and individuals.

Many of the items in the shop are available online with worldwide shipping.