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DK Connemara Oysters Farm Tour
Letterfrack Co. Galway
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Take a DK Connemara Oysters Farm Tour and learn what it takes to grow an oyster from seed to plate over a 3 year period. Enjoy a tasting experience and shuck your own oyster.

Ireland's coastal waters are renowned for their delicious seafood delights and DK Connemara Oysters in County Galway live up to this reputation.

Come see Ballinakill Bay, the perfect spot to grow rich tasty oysters. Oysters here feed on plankton and the various currents of the Atlantic Ocean, alongside the nutritious run off from the Connemara Hills meaning that these delectable treats are rich and beautifully meaty.

Take a family-friendly tour that evokes all your senses – taste, smell, vision and touch - as you experience what it’s like to work on this lively farm.

Oysters have been grown in the fresh waters of Ballinakill Bay since 1893 and a visit here is very much a hands-on experience. Shuck your own meaty treasure and taste a fresh oyster in a stunning part of Connemara.