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Gort, Co. Galway
Slow tours in nature to enhance your well being. Jackie Queally will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness using sound, her nature poetry, meditations, simple exercises and ancient knowledge so you can experience the essence of Ireland. Learn the art of dowsing too at ancient wells and monastic sites. These experiences help you connect with nature deeper at locations in the Burren lowlands.

Visit an ancient centre of religious renown in South Galway. Kilmacduagh may not be known as well for being an ancient monastery as Clonmacnoise on the Shannon is. Nevertheless it was an important religious site over one thousand years ago. Explore the extensive ruins at Kilmacduagh with guide Jackie Queally.

After sharing legends of the site, author and poet Jackie will focus on imparting= her knowledge of the earth energies of the site. She will teach the art of dowsing the energies there. Dowsing is also known as divining in Ireland. Dowsing indicates changes in the electro-magnetic fields of the earth and people may discover an innate ability to sense these invisible earth energies.

After a demonstration and introductory talk guests will explore the interiors of the buildings, using dowsing rods to detect any earth energies. At the round tower, which is the tallest one on the Irish mainland, discover why the monks may have built so many of these round towers by their monasteries and churches.

Using a ground plan guests can sketch their findings and will also receive a final copy of the guide's findings. This gives a comparison and offers ripe material for discussion and sharing of experiences at the end.

On the ancient Irish Ogham tour guests will walk alongside a peaceful river on an almost mystical woodland path, stopping by particular trees chosen to reflect the season. The ancient Celtic calendar holds a cycle of knowledge marked by specific trees that represent each of five seasons and 13 lunar months. An early Irish alphabet the Ogham, is based on these trees.

On the walk Jackie enables participants to understand and connect with the specific tree energies and attributes by leading them with the correspondent tree meditation and sharing some "Gaia Touch" exercises, these are meditations with small gestures. Jackie practices sound healing and will strike a gong and drum by specific Celtic trees whose auras can be dowsed before and after the sounds were played.

The river walk offers a setting for meditation, facilitated by the sounds of the healing drum and gong. The area may inspire writers as WB Yeats renovated an ancient tower house here and wrote many of his most notable poems during the 12 summers he resided there.

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1 the Cottage,Knockauncoura,Gort,Co Galway
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