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Leahy Beekeeping
Loughrea Co. Galway
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Visit the Leahy farm for a full beekeeping experience. Suit up in your bee suit to get up close and personal with bees at work in the hive. You'll see the different aspects of the inner workings of the hive; identify the queen, workers and drones.

The Leahys are beekeepers from Loughrea, County Galway in the west of Ireland. Located on the Sliabh Aughty Mountains, Leahy Beekeeping is a family-run business based around a proud family tradition going back four generations.

The land on the mountain is natural and unspoiled, with lots of lush meadows full of wildflowers and herb and raised bog areas covered with purple heather and bog cotton. A large proportion of the mountain is now an area of conservation.

The mix of farming land and rugged mountain provides a great range of flora from the peat and limestone soil. Typical local plants include pussy willow, elderberry, sycamore, dandelion, whitethorn, chestnut, clover, blackberry, wild herbs, and heather. This combination of fantastic landscape and diverse flora gives the honey from the bees at Leahy Beekeeping a unique and pure flavour. 100% raw, single filtered, and unpasteurised, it retains all of the pollens and antibacterial and medicinal properties.

Take a bee tour to see the bees up close, as well as all the different pollens in an array of fantastic colours, from purple and orange to bright yellows and blues – all the colours of the rainbow. Learn about the importance of the bees in the ecosystem and food chain. The tour is great fun for people of all ages, especially kids, and can also cater for those attempting to face a fear of bees.

After the visit to the apiary, head to the kitchen to sample honey from the different flowers alongside different local foods, savoury and sweet. You can also learn about the process of honey-making itself and check out Leahy Beekeeping's natural skincare products made from the beeswax and other natural organic ingredients.

Tours are by appointment only.