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Emerald Outdoors - Guided Tours
Kenmare Co. Kerry
Kayaking and CanoeingSUP
Book in with Emerald Outdoors and take a guided tour of stunning Kenmare Bay. Explore the hidden beauty of the bay and get closer to nature in an eco-friendly kayak.

Make your way to Kenmare Bay and check out Emerald Outdoors, go on a guided paddleboarding or kayak tour. Head out on the water for some family fun and enjoy trips through historic waterways, deep into the wild landscape.

Stay dry thanks to the waterproof and windproof tops provided to keep you warm. Experience an unforgettable journey through Kenmare Bay and immerse yourself in the outstanding natural beauty.

Peace and quiet await as these tours allow for unique access to channels that would otherwise be impossible to reach. See a colony of friendly seals as they relax on the shore. The fleeting shadows of passing sea birds and silhouettes of majestic mountains make this adventure a memorable one.