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Donadea Forest Park
Donadea Co. Kildare
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Donadea Forest Park is in a National Heritage Area and covers 243 hectares of mixed woodland in northwest County Kildare. Explore the history of the park through its buildings and gardens. Wander through the calming trees on one of the great walks in the park.

Find the remains of Donadea Castle and walled gardens that have been reclaimed by nature. See the church and tower built by the Aylmer family and the home that was inhabited until the last of the family died in 1935. See ducks swim and dive on the large lake dotted with beautiful water lilies during the summer.

Explore the beauty of Donadea Forest Park on a walk along one of the leafy, woodland walks. The 5km long Aylmer Loop brings you across streams and through native broadleaf woods. See marine life all around you on a walk around the lake and see squirrels and birds in the trees on the nature trail. After your walk, relax with a hot drink and tasty snack in the café in the forest park.