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Moore Abbey Wood
Monasterevin, Co. Kildare
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Moore Abbey Wood is a mixed woodland of a variety of broadleaves and conifers, in Monasterevin County Kildare. There are a variety of wildflowers, including spring bluebells, and many butterflies, including the pearl-bordered fritillary.

Moore Abbey Wood is a woodland area of approximately 250 acres of conifer and broadleaf trees, in Monasterevin County Kildare. St Evin founded a monastery here in the 5th century (Monasterevin) which fell into decay in the 9th century and was re-founded as a Cistercian monastery in the 12th century. Later the abbey and manor was granted to the son-in-law of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland whose name was Edward Moore; hence Moore Abbey.

There are well made pathways, picnic sites and walking routes ideal for viewing the different types of woodland, vegetation and wildlife. The wood has a beautiful display of bluebells in early summer. The site comprises a variety of broadleaf and conifer trees, mainly beech, ash and oak, Norway spruce and Douglas fir. The fauna includes the grey squirrel, badgers, pheasant and numerous other species of birds. It is suitable for both primary and post primary student groups for guided walks.

There are also self-guided trails available.

Bluebell Way: Walking Trails, Access for all, 40min, 2.5km, Woodland.

Count John Mc Cormack Way: Walking Trails, Access for all, 1hr, 3.5km, Woodland, View Points.

Gerard Manly Hopkins Walk: Walking Trails, Access for all, 30mins, 2km, Woodland - For more information refer to website.

The area is used by scouts, the army, and local people for walks, orienteering, map reading and environmental studies.

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Monasterevan,Co Kildare,Republic of Ireland
Visit duration

We recommend planning to spend 1 to 2 hours here.

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