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Highbank Organic Orchards
Cuffesgrange Co. Kilkenny
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Discover Highbank Organic Orchards in Kilkenny and check out the rich, fertile soils which produce their delicious apples. Taste organic apple juice and cider made lovingly by the Calder-Potts family.

Experience Highbank Organic Orchards and view first-hand the legacy that the Calder-Potts family created back in the 17th century, right up to the present day.

Learn about the fantastic juicing properties and health-boosting vitamins and minerals of their homegrown apples. Enjoy a visit to Ireland's smallest distillery and see how the experts produce organic cider, apple gin and apple brandy.

Book in for the Taste and Tour experience and explore the orchards. Hop on their delightful tractor train through the grounds and end with a tipple of delicious Single Estate organic cider and after, pick up some award-winning syrups and apple spirits to take home. Meet the passionate owners for a chat about the Highbank story of five generations and hear all about the organic orchards.