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Ballykilcavan Brewery
Stradbally Co. Laois
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Find Ballykilcavan Brewery on a 13th-generation family farm. Take a guided tour around this lively Laois brewery and see how the ingredients are sourced from the land.

Meet the friendly Walsh family at Ballykilcavan Brewery. Learn how their craft brewery operates from an ancient stone building on the 1100 acre farm, the delicious beers are made from barley and spring water sourced from the farm.

Pre-book your experience with Ballykilcavan and enjoy a guided tour of this scenic part of the world. All tours are led by David Walsh Kemmis, the brewery owner and farmer.

Join David on an engaging tour that shares insights into his family’s remarkable farming history. In the brewery, indulge in the taste of the malts made from homegrown barley and the smell of the hops used to brew the beers. Following an insightful walk through the working brewery, savour a glass of the finished product.