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Killagholehane Cemetery and Church
Broadford Co. Limerick
Church, Abbey or Monastery
Just 2km south of Broadford Village in County Limerick, visitors can discover the ruins of the Killagholehane Cemetery and Church, now considered a National Monument. The site includes a commemorative headstone for the War of Independence.

In County Limerick, just 2km south of the village of Broadford, sits the 15th-century ruins of the Killagholehane Cemetery and Church. The site is thought to be the location of an earlier Christian church, established after a peculiar summertime snowfall that covered the entire area, except for the field where the ruins sit. The church was later dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows.

Now recognized as a National Monument, the site also includes an important Republican burial plot with a headstone commemorating the death of locals during the War of Independence.