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Bridge Street Studios
Dundalk Co. Louth
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Bridge Street Studios consists of a group of artists working in the fields of ceramics, prints, metalworks, painting, sculpture and mosaics. The studio hosts regular exhibitions and also produces work on a commission basis.

Bridge Street Studios was founded by four ceramic artists in 1996. It is located in an 18th century building opposite St Nicholas' church in Bridge Street, Dundalk, County Louth. This facility functions primarily as a workspace for individual professional artist members, where resources and equipment are shared.

There are now always at least ten professional artists working at Bridge Street Studios. These artists work in a variety of different artistic disciplines including ceramics, painting, textiles and jewellery. The range of work spans the craft and art spectrum.

The Gateway Gallery', this permanent gallery space is dedicated to exhibiting the work of Bridge Street Studio members. Visitors to the gallery can familiarise themselves with the work of the individual artists.

The Gateway Gallery is unusual in that it exhibits work which spans both the Craft and Fine Art disciplines. A wide range of high quality art and craftwork is available for purchase. The gallery provides an ideal meeting place where artists can discuss their work with clients wishing to commission special pieces of work for private and corporate purposes.

The Gateway Gallery hosts ongoing, evolving exhibition which includes the most recent work of the studio artists.