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Belleek Nature Trail
Ballina Co. Mayo
Walking Natural Landscape
Admire the natural rugged beauty of County Mayo’s Belleek Woods on this lush 4km walking loop near Ballina.

Skirt tranquil riversides and follow forest paths on this relaxing hour-long loop in County Mayo.

Starting at the edge of Ballina, Belleek Nature Trail encompasses mixed woodland and guides you by the banks of the majestic River Moy. Moderate in grade, the trail is largely flat and easily accessed.

Along the way you’ll spot trees like Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, Silver Fir, Beech, Oak and Ash; as well as Famine era building ruins.

Belleek Woods is also home to a fascinating diversity of woodland wildlife like badgers, foxes and rabbits, some of which you might spot along the trail - depending on the season.

When you’ve completed the loop, back in the bustling town of Ballina you’ll find lots of welcoming pubs, restaurants and cafés to round off the day in.

Trail details
Estimated time
60 minutes