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Evasion Pêche Irlande
Slane Co. Meath
Evasion Pêche Irlande organise fishing trips in lakes and rivers around Slane in County Meath. You can fish Trout, Pike and Salmon with a dedicated fishing guide. Evasion Pêche Irlande organise your trip from airport transfer to fishing guide.

Evasion Peche Irlande organise fishing trips. You can fish for Trout, Pike and Salmon anything from a weekend to a week.

A dedicated fishing guide, Christopher Defillon, will escort you during your trip. He will share his fishing knowledge as well as advising on the best place to fish.

You can fish in the River Boyne and Fane as well as Lake Shellin and Ramor.

Airport transfer, fishing guide, three star hotel, bass boat tracker rental and fishing license are provided.