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The Miner's Way and Historical Trail
Arigna Co. Roscommon
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The Arigna Miner's Way, together with the historical trail, covers three counties and includes an array of delightful historical sites.

The Miner’s Way and the Historical Trail are waymarked long-distance walking routes over three counties that form a network of paths totalling 128km (80m), with a total ascent of some 2,150m.

The Miner's Way gets its name from the coal mining which took place in the Arigna Mines up until recent times. It follows the paths the miners travelled on their journey to work.

There are also many amazing historical sites to discover en route, including the prehistoric Carrowkeel megalithic complex, which predates Stonehenge and Newgrange, and is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Bricklieve Mountains.

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