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Lismore Castle Gardens
Lismore Co. Waterford
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Beautiful Lismore Castle is home to seven acres of gardens all set within the historic Lismore Castle walls. From Majestic trees to flowering meadows, ornamental displays to fruit and vegetables there is something to delight all visitors

Spread over seven acres, the historic gardens at Lismore Castle in County Waterford are divided into two very distinct and different halves. The Upper Garden is a complete example of the 17th-century walled garden first constructed here by Richard Boyle, the First Earl of Cork, in about 1605. The outer walls and terraces remain and the plantings have changed to match the tastes of those living within the castle.

The Lower Garden was mostly created in the 19th century for the Sixth Duke of Devonshire, Joseph Paxton's patron. This garden is informal with shrubs, trees and lawns while the stately Yew Avenue is much older.

The gardens contain a fine collection of magnolias, camellias, rhododendrons, herbaceous borders and contemporary sculpture and a remarkable yew walk where Edmund Spenser is said to have written ‘The Faerie Queen’.