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The House of Waterford Crystal
Waterford City Co. Waterford
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Visit the House of Waterford Crystal in the heart of Waterford City and marvel at the creation of crystal stemware, giftware and other glass masterpieces right before your eyes.

Discover the House of Waterford Crystal. Come to the birthplace of the iconic crystal glassware and see exquisite pieces of crystal make their way from the workshop to the shop floor.

Book in for a fascinating factory tour and learn about the historical and contemporary production techniques of this world-famous glass line. Each of the highly-skilled workers has trained for a minimum of eight years, they are responsible for giving each piece a signature sparkling cut.

View the manufacturing facility with its continuous melt tank furnace that produces two tons of molten crystal of the highest quality every day for skilled master blowers to hand-shape and hand-blow. Experience the thrill of the blowing room with its heady mix of heat and noise as glassblowers work their magic.