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Celtic Roots Studio
Ballinahowen Co. Westmeath
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Celtic Roots Studio in Ballinahowen, County Westmeath crafts sculptures and unique gifts from 5,000 year old bogwood. Each piece is handcrafted from the remains of trees hidden in the bog and brought to the surface thousands of years later.

The Celtic Roots Studio in Ballinahowen, County Westmeath, led by lead sculptor Helen Conneely, is a cooperative studio representing artists who sculpt exclusively in bogwood.

See the process of how the beautiful sculptures are made on a tour and create your own work of art to bring home. Learn about the history of bogwood and get a gift for someone special in the shop. Choose from incredible sculptures, wish stones and jewellery.

The artists at Celtic Roots Studio have completed commissions on behalf of some of Ireland's top companies, organisations, and government departments. Many heads of state around the world have received the work on visits to Ireland or abroad.