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Wicklow's Historic Gaol
Wicklow Town Co. Wicklow
Get a glimpse into life in prisons of the past at Wicklow Gaol, an atmospheric jail museum experience. As one of Wicklow’s top visitor destinations, Wicklow Gaol tells the story of its prisoners through an interactive tour.

Visit Wicklow’s Historic Gaol to discover the harsh realities of prison life endured by its 18th century inmates. This atmospheric jail museum experience offers a glimpse of life in Ireland’s past in this thought-provoking attraction in Wicklow Town.

Join an interactive tour led by experienced actor guides to hear the story of its prisoners including the participants in the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and inmates awaiting transportation to a new life in Australia.

The jail's original dungeon is open for the first time in over 100 years and so visitors can see first-hand the sights and sounds of harsh life in the dungeon. Wicklow Gaol’s story is interwoven with the history of Wicklow and Ireland itself and is a highlight on any visit to the area.