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Natural Landscape

Doolin Cave


Republic of Ireland

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Take a fully guided tour to see one of the world’s most compelling cave attractions, the Great Stalactite, at Doolin Cave. Donning a hard hat you will be taken over 200 feet under the flaggy limestone of the Burren landscape. You will venture back over 350 million years to see and learn how the Burren was formed and see what our world looked like back then.

The star of the show at Doolin cave is the Great Stalactite. It is the largest stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere at an incredible 7.3 metres and weighing over 10 tonne. It is hard to believe that this enormous calcite formation was formed from a single drop of water over hundreds of thousands of years.

Afterward take your adventure above ground on the charming farmland nature trail. Meet friendly farmland animals and learn about the unique floral diversity of the Burren. Pygmy goats, Minnie and Vinnie are sure to melt your heart and brighten your day. The farmland nature trail is FREE to all cave visitors.
Doolin Cave visitor centre is complete with a café and gift shop. Doolin Cave pottery, handmade from glacial cave clay sourced deep within Doolin Cave, is available for purchase in the gift shop.

Wish away your worries and woes at Enchanted Hallow Fairy Village. The friendly fairies and troglodytes in Enchanted Hallow are happy to listen to all your worries and wishes and they will do their best to help you out. The fairies can be found on the nature trail in a magical glade near the original cave entrance.

Practical Information:
• Flash photography is permitted in Doolin Cave. Visitors are encouraged to share their photos and videos on or email
• Strollers and buggies are not permitted on the cave tour. Babies and small children must be carried.
• The visitor centre including the café and gift shop is fully accessible but there are steps to the cave and to the nature trail.

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Open daily from late February to Mid-December and for two weeks during the Christmas holiday period. Opening times vary according to season, please check the website.

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