National and Forest Parks

National and Forest Parks

Fitzgerald Park


Cork City
Republic of Ireland

Generations of Cork citizens and visitors have enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere of Fitzgerald Park, people have strolled through the park.

The park is named after Edward Fitzgerald, the city's Lord Mayor and Exhibition Committee chairman who was instrumental in organising Cork's International Exhibition. The legacy of this 'world trade fair' is this oasis on the outskirts of Cork city which still features the original pavilion and ornamental fountain from the Exhibition era.

The gardens play host to Cork Museum, Riverview Café, sculptures, a waterlily-bedecked pond, a variety of sculptures and even a skate park. Daly's Bridge, built in 1926, connects Sundays Well Road with these charming formal gardens. This pedestrian bridge is made from timber planks and is known locally as the 'Shakey Bridge' which spans the river Lee, the habitat of many graceful swans.

Boat slips, or berths, along the river bank are an evocative reminder of when residents went punting on the river.

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