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Scattery Island


Scattery Island
Republic of Ireland

From Kilrush pier one can reach the monasitc Island of Scattery in County Clare. Named after the mythical monster on the Island, Scattery Island was the location of the 6th century monastic settlement founded by St Senan.

Scattery island has had a long and turbulent history since St Senan founded his austere monastery here in the 6th century. Despite vicious attacks by the Viking Raiders and others over the centuries, the well preserved remains of his round tower, cathedral and oratory can still be seen.

Also worth visiting are the ruins of O'Cahane castle, an Elizabethan tower house built in the 16th century, and the 18th century battery built to defend against a French invasion.

Although the last of the Scattery islanders, who were river pilots and expert currach handlers, left for the mainland in 1978 the ruins of the island village, 'The Street', and several churches remain.

There is also a holy well on the Island which is said to have healing qualities, its water was enjoyed by the inhabitants of the island for many centuries.

There is a visitor centre on the island and guided tours are available free of charge. Boat trips to Scattery Island depart from Kilrush Marina during the summer season.

General DescriptionsKEY
  • Activities : Birdwatching, walking, boat trips, guided walking tours.
  • Population : Uninhabited
  • Size : 180 acres
  • When to visit : Best time is May to Sept.

Sailings from Kilrush Creek Marina, Co. Clare. Griffins Boat Hire Capacity: 32 passengers. Tel: +353(0)65 9051327 Subject to demand and tides


Round tower, Teampall Senain, Teampall na Marbh, Ard na nAingeal, The Street, O'Cahane Castle, the Battery, Visitor Centre.

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