Cobh's Pasengers

Cobh's Titanic Passengers

* Titanic anchored off Roches Point on April 11th 1912 c. 12 noon and remained in the harbour for almost two hours taking on supplies, mail and additional passengers. They were taken to board Titanic from the old pier in Queenstown, as it was then known, in tenders called America and Ireland. 

* The pier that Cobh's Titanic passengers left from still stands. It was known as Heartbreak Pier, while Fastnet Rock, the last bit of Irish land seen by emigrants, was referred to as the Teardrop of Ireland.

* 123 passengers got on in Titanic's last port of call, and 7/8 passengers got off.

* One of those who disembarked in Cobh was Fr Frank Browne, who was training to be a Jesuit priest. From Cork, his uncle, the Bishop of Cloyne, had bought him a first class ticket for the ship to travel from Southampton to Cherbourg and on to Cobh. Browne met a family on board who wished him to travel to America with them and offered to pay his way to New York. On telegraphing his superiors for permission he received the reply "Get off that ship - Provincial". If Browne was disappointed then, it ultimately saved his life.

* Many of the images taken of Titanic were by Fr Browne, who had a camera onboard.

* Of the 123 passengers that boarded in Cobh 3 were first class, 7 were second class while the remaining 113 were third class (steerage).

* Just 44 of the passengers that embarked from Cobh survived. 10 were from Cork, and one of the most well known was Danny Buckley from Ballydesmond. 18 of those lost were from Cork.

* Ballydesmond woman Bridget Bradley, according to evidence given to the US Inquiry by Danny Buckley, thought the lifeboat she got on was about to sink and tried to get back on Titanic in the belief that she would be safer. She was pulled back into the lifeboat and survived. 

* Kiskeam's Nellie Shine survived and lived to the age of 101. She is believed to be the last Irish Titanic survivor. Her grand daughter is Christine Quinn, a New York politician who is seen as a contender to become next Mayor of New York.

* Would be passengers came from all over Ireland to travel on Titanic. 

* 14 passengers of the 123 came from Addergoole in Co. Mayo, while 8 came from Ballydesmond in Co. Cork. 

* Widow Margaret Rice from Westmeath and her five American citizen children were lost in the tragedy, the biggest family grouping to die.

* Danny Buckley survived by being covered by a rug by a lady on one of the lifeboats after jumping aboard. He wrote to his mother "we were only fifteen minutes in the boat when the big ship went down". He gave evidence at a US inquiry into the disaster, and was late to join the 69th Irish Regiment of the American Army and served in France. He was killed on October 15th 1918, under a month before World War I ended. He is reputed to have sung When the Fields are White with Daisies at an American Wake for him before he emigrated, and is said to have written Sweet Kingwilliamstown.

* Corkman William O’Doherty, from Old Market Place Cork, died on Titanic. However his name is not on the official list of the passengers as he embarked under the name of James Moran, the man he bought the ticket from.

* Katherine Buckley from Ovens was lost. Her remains were recovered and returned to her sister in America, and was the only Irish body returned to relatives.

* Jeremiah Burke, from Glanmire, threw a message in a bottle off the deck of the Titanic. The bottle was recovered after a year at Dunkettle with the message from Jeremiah reading “From Titanic. Good bye all. Burke of Glanmire Cork.” Burke was one of those who died. The message is on display in The Queenstown Story in Cobh.

* Another of those lost, Thomas Myles from Fermoy, had previously worked for White Star Line for 50 years.

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