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Rathwood Forest Walks
Tullow Co. Carlow
Walking Forest Park
Rathwood is home to wonderful, carefully planned forest walks that extend more than 4km. The walks include a short, wheelchair-accessible route and a longer looped walk. Enjoy Rathwood's Award Winning Garden Centre it comes highly recommend.

Serene, tranquil forest walks, extending more than 4km, were carefully designed at Rathwood, County Carlow. The walks, a part of the Carlow Garden Trail, include a short, leisurely, wheelchair-accessible walk to a pond and a longer looped ‘Molloy Walk’ with seating at regular intervals. Joe Molloy was a local historian and farmer, who was involved in the first planting of the forest more than half a century ago.

This forest is a valuable and rewarding educational tool, given the vast ecological resources of flora, wildlife and tree species contained within its 75-hectare boundaries. Rath Wood offers a sanctuary for many mammals, birds and insect species.

On a visit, expect to see deer, rabbits, mink, foxes, pheasants and dragonflies among others. The forest contains a great variety of tree species including beech, oak, Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, birch, Douglas fir and alder. Train rides around the forest are available from Rathwood.

Rathwood and Rathwood Garden Centre is the perfect place to spend a day out. This family owned spacious and well laid out centre houses an award winning garden centre, , beautiful interior styled rooms, stylish gifts, family friendly restaurant, birds of prey centre, a maze of Ireland and woodland walks.


Wheelchair accessible path to lake, seating at regular intervals. Woodland map guide and information board. Car park located at Rathwood Home and Garden World beside the forest. Toilets and restaurant available.