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Ballycuggaran Crag Wood Walk
Killaloe Co. Clare
Walking Waterway
Embrace the dense forested landscape of County Clare and incredible views over Lough Derg on this challenging looped walk. Traversing hillsides and uplands over 7.12km, the Crag Wood Walk trailhead also connects to the East Clare Way.

Taking around two hours to complete, the Ballycuggaran Crag Wood Walk follows a pleasant mix of forest road, forest track and a minor road.

Starting at Crag Wood car park, about 3km from Killaloe, this is a strenuous trail with short climbs and open hillsides. But don’t let that deter you, it’s also a truly rewarding route as you walk through lush forest, skirt Feenlea Mountain’s shoulders and drink in the expanse of Lough Derg below.

In Crag Wood itself you’ll encounter an array of impressive trees, Sitka and Norway Spruce, Japanese Lurch and Noble Fir among them.

Once complete, reward yourself back in lively Killaloe with some relaxing refreshments in one of its cafés, restaurants or pubs.

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