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Doolin Cave
Doolin Co. Clare
Doolin Cave boasts the deepest underground experience in the Burren. Explore the geological marvels deep within the Burren’s landscape.

Over ground, the Burren is one of Europe’s most compelling landscapes. Underground it’s equally impressive as time spent exploring Doolin Cave reveals.

Discovered in 1952 the cave descends over 70m and is home to one of Ireland’s natural marvels the Great Stalactite. Measuring over 23 feet long the Great Stalactite lives up to its name as one of the longest free hanging stalactites in the world.

Back in the daylight, you can also take time out to enjoy the 1km Farmland Nature Trail which offers a looped walk around the cave’s surroundings and an opportunity to get a better sense of the area’s indigenous flora and fauna. In particular look out for rare breeds of cattle, pygmy goats, soay and jacob sheep, ducks and chickens.

There’s also an opportunity to relax in the Doolin Cave café, part of the visitor's centre and exhibition area. This has been

designed to blend sympathetically with the environment and be reclaimed by the natural surroundings over time. From here, you

can also take away a reminder of your time spent in Doolin Cave, a piece of pottery made by artist Caireann Browne from the

abundant glacial clay found deep within the cave.