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Café Mexicana
Cork City Co. Cork
Food ExperiencesRestaurantVegetarianSeafood
Travel to Mexico without ever leaving Cork City by dining at Café Mexicana, an authentic restaurant serving Mexican-style meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes. A children's menu is available.

Experience Mexican cuisine while in Cork City with a trip to Café Mexicana, a busy but cheerful restaurant located in the city centre. The decor is evocative of Mexico in almost flawless detail and the staff are friendly and welcoming at this eatery.

The cuisine of Mexico is a rich blend of Indian and Spanish with French and Italian influences. But it is always colourful, full of texture, contrasts and uniquely Mexican.

This restaurant specialises in serving Mexican-style meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes alongside a selection of European dishes. A children’s menu is available and Sunday lunch is also served.