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Cobh Heritage Centre
Cobh Co. Cork
Explore the poignant Emigration & Maritime Story at Cobh Heritage Centre in Cobh, County Cork. The dramatic exhibition brings to life the origins, history and legacy of Cobh and its role in Irish emigration as well as tales of the ill-fated Titanic and Lusitania.

Retrace the steps of 2.5 million adults and children who emigrated from Ireland through Cobh on coffin ships, early steamers and finally on the great ocean liners. Discover the real stories of some of the 6 million emigrants who left Ireland from 1848 to 1950, making Cobh the single most important port of emigration in Ireland.

Explore the conditions onboard the early emigrant vessels, including the dreaded coffin ship and experience life onboard a convict ship leaving Cobh for Australia in 1801.

Immersive audiovisual displays bring to life, in a real and poignant way, the strength, endurance and heartache for the Irish emigrants throughout history. Hear the inspiring story of Annie Moore, the first immigrant ever processed at Ellis Island, who is commemorated with a statue outside the Cobh Heritage Centre.