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Fota Wildlife Park
Fota Wildlife Park is part of the Zoological Society of Ireland, and is set on 100 acres on the scenic Fota Island in the heart of Cork Harbour and is only 10KM from Cork City by rail or car.

Fota Wildlife Park is a unique place where you can come face to face with free roaming animals and birds from different parts of the world.

So, if it’s a kangaroo that hops in front of you, or a ring tailed lemur, which jumps down from a tree, each visit is sure to bring its own fantastic memories.

Fota Wildlife Park features the recently opened Asian Sanctuary with Asian lions, Sumatran tigers, Indian rhino, Warty pigs, Visayan spotted deer, Lion tailed macaques and Red panda.

Fota Wildlife Park cares for several different animal species in danger of extinction. Through long established breeding programmes, which are run cooperatively with other institutions around the world, the Park is helping restore populations of some species.