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Killarney Peat Baths
Killarney Co. Kerry
Do something with a difference in Ireland. The Rockies have their hot springs, the Dead Sea have mud baths and the Japanese like their Ashiyu. Now Kerry has the facility for you to experience similar in a healthy, fun and relaxing place.

Killarney Peat Baths are a unique experience. You will immerse yourself in natural peat in beautiful bogland. The baths are built on the blanket bog of Kilcummin, in an outdoor setting, so that the experience is natural and invigorating. The peat is heated so that you can relax and enjoy while immersed in the peat tub. You can also experience a bucket shower of peat beforehand just to get the adrenaline going. Afterwards you will have a warm shower and go home knowing you will come back again.