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Tarbert Bridewell Visitor Centre
Tarbert Co. Kerry
The Bridewell Museum in Tarbert, County Kerry, offers a tour of the museum, coffee shop, gift shop and a tourist information point from friendly and dedicated staff.

Tarbert Bridewell, in Tarbert county Kerry, was a courthouse and a jail back in the 1930's. It is a magnificent stone building built around 1831. It was one of six Bridewells built in Kerry and the only building of that era that could be restored.

You will meet the accused, share his anguish, witness the rough justice of Ireland in the 1830's, see the exercise yard, keeper's quarters and the courtroom with its amplification depicting the harsh voice of the judiciary handing down the sentence to the accused.

There are life size figures depicting the lives of people back in the famine days. There is a room devoted to Charles McCreevy, a renowned poet and writer who was born in Tarbert, where you can sit down and watch a video on his life.

The Bridewell also offers a coffee shop, gift shop and tourist information point. Guided tours are available for groups.