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Discover the Miner’s Way walking trail in Leitrim
Enjoy a beautiful walk on Miner's Way in Leitrim.
Lace up your hiking boots during your stay in Leitrim and head for Miner’s Way. The trail winds its way through a wooded landscape filled with gentle drumlins and around the edge of tranquil Lough Allen, before climbing Corry Mountain and returning towards the lake again.

Here's what you need to know before taking on one of the best walks in Ireland.

Miner’s Way

The 62km long Miner’s Way works its way through Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon with walkers often choosing to complete the trail over a number of days. The trail also links up with the Historical Trail and Leitrim Way, making this part of the country a fantastic destination for hillwalkers of all abilities. The section of Miner’s Way in Leitrim is relatively flat, particularly the first half and the climbs are often short and not very steep, making the 14km section accessible for all hill walkers.

This part of Leitrim previously played a large role in the mining industry in Ireland where miners from the surrounding areas would walk, sometimes for long distances, to and from the mines. 

Beginning Miner’s Way

Starting off on the Leitrim-Cavan border, you can access Miner’s Way north of Corry. Park at a car park on the edge of Mahanagh Lough and make your way to the trailhead. The first section of the trail takes you on peaceful laneways through the rolling countryside, surrounded by green on all sides.

Rambling down the trail you’ll meet the occasional fellow walker and really get a feel for life in the area during the period of mining. The trail criss-crosses a number of roads and laneways, so make sure that you keep an eye out for the way posts and after roughly 7km, you’ll reach the small village of Drumkeeran.

Refuel in Drumkeeran

Drumkeeran is a small village along Miner’s Way and is a great place to stop off and refuel after a morning’s walk. Even though the village is quite small, there’s a great buzz about the place. There is a fantastic cafe with freshly baked treats, a restaurant serving large, hearty meals and even a choice of pubs to choose from. Have a well-earned rest and plot out the next stage of your walk before hitting the trail again.

If you want to learn more about the area, Drumkeerin Heritage Centre has a traditional Irish cottage and farmyard with equipment and machinery from yesteryear. Leaving the village and heading south, you’re quickly engulfed once again by nature as you make your way towards Corry Mountain.

Climbing Corry Mountain

As you approach Corry Mountain the trail begins to work its way around the drumlins and you begin to climb to the top of Corry Mountain, which is also known as Seltannasaggart. Miner’s Way leads you up the mountain on a hiking trail through a landscape that is dotted with towering windmills, crumbling stone walls and a patchwork of green fields. The enormous white structures contrast the surrounding landscape and make for a unique photo opportunity.

From the top of Corry Mountain, you’ll have wide-open views of the gentle landscape below and the expanse of Lough Allen to the east. Continuing on Miner’s Way, the trail tucks back into some natural woodland with pockets of stunning natural beauty like Scardan Waterfall.

The Leitrim section of Miner’s Way ends at the Leitrim-Roscommon border near the shore of Lough Allen. Spend some time relaxing beside the lake gazing out at the mountains in the distance before making your way back to your starting point. 

Take a look at Mountaineering Ireland's top hiking tips before embarking on your hike to get the best from Miner's Way. Extend your stay in this tranquil county and check out our Leitrim destination page for fantastic places to refuel after your hike.

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