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Waterford Estuary Heritage Boat Tours
Ballyhack Co. Wexford
The Waterford Estuary Heritage Boat Tour is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and sails from the picturesque fishing village of Ballyhack at Ballyhack Quay, County Wexford.

Waterford Estuary Heritage Boat Tours offer guided tours by boat within the confines of Waterford Estuary with the main emphasis focused on the heritage and history of the estuary. Waterford harbour was once one of the principle trading routes in and out of Ireland for many centuries. You'll sail through Ireland's history, and hear stories of some of the first humans to inhabit Ireland, right through to modern day industry. The principle area covered will be from the two imaginary lines, one from the great Island Power Station to Cheek Point and the other at the mouth of the Estuary with a line drawn from Hook Head to Dunmore East.

The aim of the tours is to present the rich heritage of the estuary and tell the stories of the many historic sites located throughout Waterford Estuary, i.e. Hook Lighthouse, Loftus Hall, Duncannon Fort, Ballyhack Castle. This will afford the visitor the opportunity to observe these historic sites from where they can be best appreciated, from the Estuary.

The route will depend on the weather conditions of the day, or on any special requests from the customers.