Looped Walks

Looped Walks

Prebaun Loop


Republic of Ireland


A-B. From the trailhead follow the purple arrow downhill from the church. After 600m turn left at a junction with a minor roadway. Note that you have now joined the Foxford Way (a long distance route waymarked with the familiar walking man and yellow arrow. Continue along this roadway for more than 1km to reach a 3-way junction from where the loop ‘proper’ begins. You will be returning to this point from the right later - for now go straight ahead.

B-C. The loop soon changes to an old green laneway which takes you to a surfaced road - turn right here (still following the purple and yellow arrows). After 200m watch for a sharp left bend, where the loop crosses a stile and enters a hillside field. Now the loop ascends to the top of the field, turns left and follows a series of walls and fences to ascend to reach a stile on your left close to the top of the hill called Srón (in Irish this means nose!). The loop turns left here - but a slight detour to the summit is worth the effort for the view.

C-D. Continue to follow the purple and yellow arrows as the loop crosses the shoulder of Srón and descends by walls to exit onto a surfaced roadway. Turn right and follow the roadway for 1km to a
3-way junction where the Foxford Way turns left - but you continue straight.

D-A. After only 100m watch for a laneway where the loop turns left. Continue to follow the purple arrows as the loop joins an old bog road - Srón is now visible on your right, and a large chunk of the plains of Mayo on your left! After 1km the bog road regains the junction mentioned at B above. This time turn left and follow the purple arrows as they take you back to the trailhead.

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10km / 3hrs – 3hr30mins



Minimum Gear

Hiking boots, raingear, fluid, snack and mobile phone.


Foxford (10km)


Minor roads, old bog roads, hillside tracks and laneways


Parish Church, Attymachugh, Foxford, Co Mayo.

Things To Do Nearby

Green shoots
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