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Niamh Cullen shares 7 great places to go swimming
Follow Niamh's tips and find the best sea swimming spots in Ireland.
Ireland is having a sea swimming moment right now. There's so many great places with easy access to the sea and now is the perfect time to take a dip.

Dubliner Niamh Cullen, a fitness and fashion blogger, is a big advocate of the health benefits of sea swimming. Here are her seven favourite places to go for a dip across the country.

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1Low Rock, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Earlier risers should definitely check out Low Rock in Malahide at sunrise. Watching the sun come up from the horizon in the water is something special. Lots of long distance swimmers like to practice here too.

2Vico, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Vico in Dalkey is a wonderful place to jump into the sea. There are incredible views of Sorrento Point and Dalkey Island, and there’s always a great buzz down there with all the other swimmers.

The DART line running past mountains by the coast at Vico, Dalkey, Dublin
See incredible views on your way to Vico in Dalkey.
3Bailey, Howth, Co. Dublin

Bailey in Howth is another jump-in only spot that’s fantastic too. It’s loved by experienced swimmers who want to dive into the sea or watch people leap from the cliffs.

4Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Join the team at The Happy Pear in Greystones who go for sunrise swims every morning and the water is always just perfect. Plus, it’s a great excuse to go grab an oat milk flat white afterwards.

5Spanish Point, Co. Clare

I spend time in Clare whenever I can and I love going swimming in Spanish Point. The scenery is just beautiful and the locals love getting into the water too.

Spanish Point
6Glengarriff Blue Pool, Co. Cork

The beautiful Glengarriff Blue Pool is one of my favourite places to jump into the water. This idyllic harbour is in a gorgeous part of Cork and is tucked away behind rocky outcrops and beautiful trees. So stunning.

Niamh Cullen swimming in Dublin with two friends.
Safety first for Niamh as she never swims alone.
7Dog’s Bay, Co. Galway

I haven’t actually been here yet, but I believe Dog’s Bay in Galway is incredible so that’s next on my list. It’s a lovely white, sandy beach where Errisbeg Mountain meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Clear water and golden sand at Dog's Bay Beach, Galway
Swim in crystal clear water at Dog's Bay Beach.

Niamh’s sea swimming safety tips

Firstly, never go by yourself, make sure you go with someone or some friends. Greystones and Low Rock are lovely places to walk in at your own pace. Go when the sea is calm and always know where you’re going to get in and out safely. Don’t swim out too far either, sure the best part is flapping about with one another.   

When you are swimming or taking part in any kind of water based activities follow guidelines on

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