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Examine the treasures of history Browse through a wide range of exhibits, from silver, ceramic and glassware to weaponry, furniture, examples of folk life and costume.

The innovative and contemporary galleries will entice you to go further, look harder and examine more closely.

Decorative Arts Museum
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Discover a forgotten way of life Winner of Museum of the Year in 2001, visitors to the Museum of Country Life are invited to experience the story of Irish country life between 1850 and 1950.

An innovative combination of artefacts and displays, archival video footage and interactive screens will fascinate young and old alike.

Museum of Country Life
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  • Standing stone
  • Ruins
  • Archaeological dig
Delve into the past Take a trip into ancient history and learn about our earliest ancestors, from the Vikings to the bog men.

With wonders like the Ardagh Chalice on show, it's the perfect spot for a weekend ramble back in time.

Archaeology Museum
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Experience the wonders of nature A museum famous for its Victorian cabinet style, the Natural History Museum houses one of the world's finest and fullest collections still to be seen today.

This zoological museum features outstanding examples of wildlife from Ireland and the far corners of the globe.

Natural History Museum

Delve into Irish art

If you're thirsty for culture and visual stimulation this festive season, a trip to one of Ireland's many top-class museums and galleries is sure to meet your needs.

With all National Cultural Institutions free of charge, they're the perfect destination for a family outing.

Savour the nation's deep historical roots by visiting an exhibition on times gone by or connect with the art movements of today in one of the many independent art galleries.

So when the spring showers threatens, don't run for home - seek refuge in an art gallery or museum instead. You won't regret it.

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